A command line interface for Slack implemented using node.

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Join the chat at A very simple command line interface (CLI) for Slack.

Send a message

slackcli -t slack_token -g group_name -m "Hello World!"

Or if the environment variable SLACK_TOKEN is set, you can simply use,

slackcli -g group_name -m "Hello World!"

Or use -h instead, if you want to post to a channel

slackcli -h channel_name -m "Hello World!"

Send a file

slackcli -t slack_token -g group_name -f filename -m "Download this file"

Send from standard input

# slackcli -t slack_token -g group_name -c
Hello World!

Send with customized icon

# slackcli -t slack_token -g group_name -u goat -e :goat: -m baaaaaaaaa


With npm do:

npm install -g slack-cli


# slackcli --help
USAGE: node <SOMEWHERE>\npm\node_modules\slack-cli\bin\cmd.js [OPTION1] [OPTION2]... arg1 arg2...
The following options are supported:

  -u, --username <ARG1>         Specify the name of the bot.
  -i, --icon_url <ARG1>         Specify the URL to an image to use as the icon for this message.
  -e, --icon_emoji <ARG1>       Specify the emoji to use as the icon for this message.  This cannot be used together with icon_url.
  -m, --message <ARG1>          Specify the text of the message to send.
  -g, --group <ARG1>            Specify the group name.
  -h, --channel <ARG1>          Specify the channel name.
  -f, --file <ARG1>             Specify the name of the file to send.
  -t, --token <ARG1>            Specify the Slack API token.
  -v, --verbose                 Set to verbose mode.
  -c, --console                 Use console to input message.
  -w, --waitForText <ARG1>      Specify the text message to wait.  Default timeout is 30 seconds.
  -s, --timeout <ARG1>          Specify the seconds to timeout when using --waitForText.
  -r, --read                    Read to stdout.

Advanced Mode

To reuse the Slack token, you can set the token as the environment variable SLACK_TOKEN like this.

SET SLACK_TOKEN=xoxo-12345678-12345678-12345678-123abc